Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Batman: Arkham Knight

There is a brand new game coming out for the PS4 and Xbox One coming out in October called Batman: Arkham Knight.  How many have played the previous games in the series?  I am pleased to also say that Kevin Conroy himself is back to voice Batman after a break from the last game in the series.  This is also going to be a single player only game for now as well.  If this is going to be anything like the others released it looks to be stellar. Below are some pictures that have been released so far from Game Informer and websites, including the all new villain, the Arkham Knight.

Logo for the game

New villain - Arkham Knight
Harley Quinn makes a return!

Oracle & Batman

Two-Face (looking a lot like Tommy Lee Jones)

The Batmobile is in the game and driveable!

Who is looking forward to some toys from this game?  The last couple of lines that have come from the Arkham series have been fantastic and they haven't even begun to scratch the surface of his rogues gallery! Below are some of the figures that have been released in this line so far.  Who would you love to see from this game coming out in October?
Arkham City Line

Arkham Origins Line

Arkham Asylum Line

Be sure to leave comments about what you are excited to see.  If you are unfamiliar about the history between Batman and the Arkham Asylum swing by the show this September 13th and pick up some comics and talk with some people.  I guarantee you will learn a lot more than expected from talking with fellow Batman fans!

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